We are a medical device consultancy and training organisation. We are dedicated and care about getting things right. We always seek to bring clarity where there is ambiguity. We challenge the so-called ‘grey areas’. We are decisive. We are focused. We go the extra mile. We are MedRAS, and not only is this who we are, this is our sincere promise we hereby make to you.


Consultancy and UKRP / PRRC service provision
The regulatory frameworks within which medical devices companies operate can be confusing and requirements are often unclear. Our Navigate consultancy service is on hand to provide direction when you need it most. Find out more.

As part of Navigate, MedRAS provides Responsible Person services. Under the UK MDR 2002, non-Great Britain based manufacturers must appoint a UK based responsible person who is required to undertake a number of critical regulatory functions on behalf of, and in conjunction with the legal manufacturer. Ask MedRAS to represent you as a UKRP or PRRC.



Equip is our training provision service. We organise and run an increasing range of training courses which are carefully designed to equip medical device manufacturers with the knowledge and expertise they need to effectively fulfil their respective role. Take a look at our courses.

The register of experts

Employing staff is an investment of time, resource and trust. We established the Assurance service because we recognised a need within the industry for a transparent way for people to demonstrate competence. Find out more.

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Areas we serve

Area currently served: The United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Malta, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Hungary, Holland, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Taiwan, Morocco, Ghana, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, china, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Greece, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland.